Subpart 2—Licensing of rail participants

15 Certain rail participants must be licensed


The following rail participants must hold a licence:


a rail operator:


an access provider:


a rail participant who is required by regulations to hold a licence.


If a person is a member of more than 1 class of rail participant to which subsection (1) applies, a single licence covering each of the classes of rail participant concerned may be issued to the person, and that licence may have different conditions for the different classes covered by it.


Despite subsection (1), the Agency may, on the conditions that the Agency considers appropriate, exempt a person from holding a licence if all of the rail activities of that person are covered under—


the licence of another licence holder; and


the approved safety case of that other licence holder.

Section 15(3): amended, on 1 August 2008, by section 50(1) of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 47).