Prisoners' and Victims' Claims Act 2005

Part 2 Prisoners’ and victims’ claims

Subpart 1—Compensation sought by claims by prisoners, etc

11 Overview of this subpart

To help to achieve its purpose, when compensation is sought from a court or tribunal by a specified claim, this subpart—


ensures compensation is not awarded unless the plaintiff has first made reasonable use of the specified internal and external complaints mechanisms reasonably available to him or her; and


requires other remedies to be used if, in the particular circumstances, they are capable, alone or in combination, of providing effective redress; and


encourages timely mitigation of loss or damage by the plaintiff and the defendant if that is reasonably practicable; and


ensures the court or Tribunal takes into account specified matters (including the extent (if any) to which effective redress has been, or could be, provided otherwise than by compensation) before awarding compensation.