Overseas Investment Act 2005

Schedule 2 Sensitive land that is residential land

ss 6, 16, 16B, 61

Schedule 2: replaced, on 22 October 2018, by section 26 of the Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 (2018 No 25).


1Outline of this schedule
3For what land is test in this Part available
4Who are qualifying individuals and key individuals
5How commitment to reside in New Zealand test is met
6Conditions for consent if commitment to reside in New Zealand test is met
7What are trigger events and how they are resolved
8Waiver relating to trigger event
9Exemption from definition of key individual
10For what land are tests in this Part available
11How increased housing test is met
12What is the relevant business
13How non-residential use test is met
14How incidental residential use test is met
15How transaction meets more than 1 test in this schedule
16Conditions attached to outcomes for residential land
17What are on-sale outcome and non-occupation outcome
18Conditions for consent if 1 or more tests in Part 3 are met
19Conditions for consent if benefit to New Zealand test is met and residential land is involved
20Exemption for large developments with shared equity, rent-to-buy, and rental arrangements
21Exemption for indirect or minority interests in overseas persons that own or control land