Register of veterinarians and other registered persons

22 Register of veterinarians and other registered persons


The Council must establish and maintain a register of veterinarians and other registered persons.


The register must—


be in the prescribed form; and


contain the prescribed information; and


contain any other information that the Council considers necessary or desirable for the purpose of the register; and


include, for each veterinarian,—


details of any conditions of practice imposed on the veterinarian; and


whether his or her registration or practising certificate is suspended and, if so, the following information:


the grounds under this Act for the suspension; and


the period of suspension; and


any conditions for termination of the suspension; and


contain in separate parts the prescribed information in relation to—




veterinarians with limited or provisional registration (including the period of time for which each veterinarian is registered in either category):


registered persons.


The Registrar must ensure that the register is available to members of the public to inspect it free of charge.


Subsection (3) is subject to any prohibition order made by the District Court under section 71.


The Registrar must, on payment of the prescribed fee,—


issue a certificate of registration to any registered person:


supply a certified copy of an entry in the register to any person requesting it.


Information entered in the register under subsection (2)(c) and (e)(iii) does not form part of the register for the purposes of subsection (3) or subsection (5)(b).

Compare: 1994 No 107 ss 16, 22(6), 23(4), 61