243 Power to refer bill of costs to Standards Committee


This section applies in relation to any case that is before the Disciplinary Tribunal and arises wholly or partly out of a complaint of overcharging by a practitioner or former practitioner or an incorporated firm or former incorporated firm.


If, in any case to which this section applies, the Disciplinary Tribunal considers that the practitioner’s or former practitioner’s or incorporated firm’s or former incorporated firm’s bill of costs in respect of any matter to which the complaint relates is unfair or unreasonable, the Disciplinary Tribunal may, whether or not it makes an order under section 242, order that the bill be referred to a Standards Committee.


The Standards Committee must, after considering the bill of costs, make such order or orders under section 156 as it would have made under that section if it had determined a complaint in respect of that bill of costs.


This section does not limit section 242.

Compare: 1982 No 123 s 112(4)