Education Amendment Act 2006


36 New sections 139C to 139E inserted
  • The following sections are inserted immediately after section 139B:

    139C Offence of insulting, abusing, or intimidating staff
    • (1) Every person commits an offence, and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000, who intentionally insults, abuses, or intimidates a teacher or member of staff of a school—

      • (a) within the presence or hearing of any student of the school; and

      • (b) while on school premises, or in any other place where students of the school are assembled for school purposes.

      (2) However, no student of the school may be charged with an offence under subsection (1).

      Compare: 1964 No 135 s 195

    139D School transport
    • (1) The Secretary for Education may assist in the provision of school transport by doing any of the following:

      • (a) paying schools to provide school transport to their students:

      • (b) arranging transport providers to provide school transport:

      • (c) contributing to the cost of parents providing school transport.

      (2) In this section,—

      school means registered schools, early childhood services (as defined in section 120), and certified playgroups

      school transport means the transport of students to and from school, to and from any educational activity approved by the Secretary, or both.

      Compare: 1964 No 135 ss 201A–201D

    139E Bonds for trainee teachers
    • (1) The Minister may enter into an agreement under this section with any person who undertakes teacher training.

      (2) The agreement must provide for—

      • (a) payment by the Minister to the person of an amount of money on condition that the person will work in New Zealand as a teacher, on completion of the teacher training, for a specified period; and

      • (b) an undertaking by the person that, if he or she defaults on the condition, he or she will repay (in full or on a pro-rata basis, as determined under the agreement) the amount paid under the agreement.

      (3) The Minister may require that the agreement be signed by a guarantor for the person, in which case the guarantor is jointly and severally liable with the person under the agreement.

      (4) Agreements entered into under this section may be declared, under section 307AC, to be bonded scholarships.

      Compare: 1964 No 135 s 197