Radiocommunications Amendment Act 2006

9 Correction of Register
  • (1) Section 24 is amended by repealing subsection (2) and substituting the following subsections:

    • (2) The Registrar may, of the Registrar's own motion, correct the Register (recording on the Register the nature of the correction and the time at which the correction was made) if the Registrar is satisfied that the Register—

      • (a) does not record accurately the particulars set out in an instrument to which an entry in the Register relates; or

      • (b) requires updating because a rightholder or manager or holder of a radio licence has changed that person's name or address, or because a name or address is wrongly entered in the Register; or

      • (c) is incorrect for any other reason.

    • (2A) Subsection (2) applies whether or not a person has requested that the Registrar correct the Register under section 23.

    (2) Section 24(4) is repealed.