Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

  • This version was reprinted on 20 May 2016 to make corrections to sections 8(3), 9(2), 10(c), 12(6), 16(a), 47(2)(a), 67(4), 79(c), 89(3), 90(3)(b), and 92(8)(b)(i) and (10)(c) under section 25(1)(i), (j)(ii) and (j)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Cancellation and suspension of licence, etc

27 Cancellation of licence


The Registrar must cancel a licence if he or she is satisfied that—


the licensee is prohibited by section 12(6) or 15 from holding a licence; or


the licence was granted on the basis of any false or fraudulent representation or declaration, made either orally or in writing; or


the application for the licence or its renewal was accompanied by payment of an application fee that has subsequently been dishonoured; or


the payment of the immigration adviser’s levy has subsequently been dishonoured; or


the person has died.


A licence is cancelled if the Tribunal has determined to impose on the licensee the sanction of cancellation of the licence in accordance with section 51(1)(d).