Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

28 Process for cancellation
  • (1) The process for cancellation of a licence other than under section 27(1)(e) or by determination of the Tribunal under section 51 is as follows:

    • (a) the Registrar must give the licensee written notice of his or her intention to cancel the licence; and

    • (b) the notice must—

      • (i) contain or be accompanied by a statement of the Registrar's reasons for the cancellation; and

      • (ii) state that the licensee has 10 working days within which to make written representations to the Registrar as to why the licence should not be cancelled; and

    • (c) if any written representations are made by the licensee within the 10-working day period referred to in paragraph (b)(ii), the Registrar must take those representations into account in deciding whether or not to cancel the licence; and

    • (d) the Registrar must then decide whether or not to cancel the licence, and notify the licensee accordingly, as soon as practicable.

    (2) If the Registrar decides to cancel the licence,—

    • (a) he or she must include in the notice under subsection (1)(d) the grounds for the decision and the date on which the cancellation takes effect; and

    • (b) he or she must also specify in the notice the right of the person to appeal to the Tribunal under section 55.