Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

37 Registrar to develop code of conduct
  • (1) The Registrar must develop and maintain a code of conduct to be observed by licensed immigration advisers.

    (2) The code of conduct must address standards of professional and ethical conduct for licensed immigration advisers, including rules as to matters such as—

    • (a) obligations to clients:

    • (b) obligations to the Minister and Department handling immigration matters:

    • (c) conflicts of interest:

    • (d) disclosure requirements:

    • (e) the reasonableness of fees:

    • (f) the provision of consumer complaints procedures.

    (3) In developing a code of conduct, the Registrar must consult with—

    • (a) the Minister and the Department; and

    • (b) persons or representatives of persons who engage in the provision of immigration advice; and

    • (c) appropriate bodies or persons representing persons seeking or receiving immigration advice.

    (4) A code of conduct developed under this section does not have any effect for the purposes of this Act until—

    • (a) it has been submitted to the Minister; and

    • (b) the Minister, after being satisfied that appropriate consultation has been carried out under subsection (3), has approved and signed the code of conduct.

    (5) The Registrar may at any time amend, revoke, or replace any approved code of conduct in the manner provided for in this section and section 38, except that it need not carry out consultation on matters involving minor corrections or updating, or otherwise of a minor, technical nature.