Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

Complaints and disciplinary procedures

44 Complaints against immigration advisers
  • (1) Any person may make a complaint to the Registrar concerning the provision of immigration advice by—

    • (a) a licensed immigration adviser; or

    • (b) a person who, not more than 2 years before the date of the complaint, was a licensed immigration adviser (a former licensed immigration adviser).

    (2) The grounds for complaint may be any 1 or more of the following in relation to the immigration adviser or former licensed immigration adviser complained of:

    • (a) negligence:

    • (b) incompetence:

    • (c) incapacity:

    • (d) dishonest or misleading behaviour:

    • (e) a breach of the code of conduct.

    (3) A complaint—

    • (a) must be made in writing; and

    • (b) must specify the ground or grounds that form the basis of the complaint; and

    • (c) must state whether or not the complainant has made attempts to resolve the complaint using the immigration adviser's (or former licensed immigration adviser's) own complaints procedure, and the outcome (if any) of that process; and

    • (d) must be accompanied by copies of any supporting documentation; and

    • (e) may not be made anonymously.