Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

  • This version was reprinted on 20 May 2016 to make corrections to sections 8(3), 9(2), 10(c), 12(6), 16(a), 47(2)(a), 67(4), 79(c), 89(3), 90(3)(b), and 92(8)(b)(i) and (10)(c) under section 25(1)(i), (j)(ii) and (j)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2012.
47 Preparation of complaint for referral to Tribunal


For the purpose of preparing a complaint for submission to the Tribunal, the Registrar or a person authorised by the Registrar may gather further information on the complaint, including by exercising the powers of inspection referred to in section 57.


Before referring a complaint to the Tribunal, the Registrar must—


notify the person complained of, in writing, of the complaint; and


give both the complainant (if any) and the person complained about a reasonable opportunity to make a written statement or explanation in relation to the complaint.


The notice required by subsection (2)(a) must identify the complainant (if any), unless the Registrar considers that exceptional circumstances justify the withholding of the complainant’s identity.