Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

52 Enforcement of disciplinary sanctions
  • The following orders for disciplinary sanctions made by the Tribunal under section 51 may be enforced in all respects as if they were an order of the District Court on the filing of a sealed copy in that court by—

    • (a) the Crown, in the case of—

      • (ii) an order for payment of costs and expenses of the investigation, inquiry, or hearing, or any related prosecution under section 51(1)(g):

    • (b) the person in whose favour the order is made, in the case of—

      • (i) an order for a refund of all or any part of fees or expenses paid by the complainant or another person to the immigration adviser or former licensed immigration adviser under section 51(1)(h); or

      • (ii) an order for the payment of reasonable compensation to the complainant or another person under section 51(1)(i).