Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

54 Appeal to Tribunal against determination by Registrar to reject complaint
  • (1) A complainant may appeal to the Tribunal against a determination of the Registrar to reject or not pursue a complaint under section 45(1)(b) or (c) within 20 working days after the date of the notice given under section 45(5).

    (2) The appeal is by way of written notice to the Tribunal of the complainant's intention to appeal, accompanied by—

    • (a) a copy of the notice given to the complainant under section 45(5); and

    • (b) such other information as the complainant wishes the Tribunal to consider in relation to the appeal.

    (3) After considering the appeal, the Tribunal may—

    • (a) reject the appeal; or

    • (b) determine that the decision of the Registrar was incorrect, but nevertheless reject the complaint upon another ground; or

    • (c) determine that it should hear the complaint, and direct the Registrar to prepare the complaint for filing with the Tribunal; or

    (4) A decision on an appeal under this section is final.