Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

Register of licensed immigration advisers

77 Register of licensed immigration advisers


The Registrar must keep and maintain a register of licensed immigration advisers.


The purpose of the register is—


to enable members of the public to know—


how to contact a licensed immigration adviser; and


whether or not a person is licensed as an immigration adviser under this Act and, if so, the type of licence the person holds; and


whether or not a person’s licence has been cancelled or suspended, or whether a person’s application for a licence has been refused; and


to facilitate the ability of the Registrar or the Commerce Commission to enforce the provisions of this Act or of any consumer protection legislation; and


to facilitate the compliance, audit, and other supporting and administrative functions of the Registrar under this Act.


The register may be kept—


as an electronic register (for example, on the Authority’s or the Department’s website); or


in any other manner that the Registrar thinks fit.