Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

Appeals against decisions of Registrar and Tribunal

81 Right of appeal
  • (1) A person may appeal to a District Court against any of the following decisions:

    • (a) a decision of the Registrar to refuse to license the person as an immigration adviser:

    • (b) a decision of the Registrar to grant the person a limited or a provisional licence only, rather than a full licence:

    • (c) a decision of the Tribunal to cancel or suspend the person's licence:

    • (d) any other decision of the Tribunal imposing on the person a sanction of a kind referred to in section 51(1)(a) to (i):

    • (e) a decision of the Tribunal to reject an appeal under section 55.

    (2) An appeal under this section must be made by giving notice of appeal within—

    • (a) 20 working days after the date on which notice of the decision was communicated to the person concerned; or

    • (b) any further time that a District Court may allow on application made before or after the expiration of that period.