Exclusions for business premises

CB 19 Business exclusion from sections CB 6 to CB 11


Sections CB 6 to CB 11 do not apply to a disposal of land if—


the land is the premises of a business; and


the person acquired and occupied, or erected and occupied, the premises mainly to carry on a substantial business from them.

Who exclusion does not apply to


The exclusion does not apply to a person who has engaged in a regular pattern of acquiring and disposing, or erecting and disposing, of premises for businesses.

Meaning of land


In this section, land includes land that—


is reserved, with the premises, for the use of the business; and


is of an area no greater than that required for the reasonable occupation of the premises and the carrying on of the business.

Defined in this Act: business, dispose, land

Compare: 2004 No 35 s CB 17