DO 13 Improvement destroyed or made useless
When this section applies


This section applies when, in an income year of a person,—


the person carries on an aquacultural business in New Zealand—


that meets the requirements of section DO 12(1)(b); and


for the purposes of which an improvement described in schedule 20 (Expenditure on farming, horticultural, aquacultural, and forestry improvements) has been made; and


the improvement is destroyed or irreparably damaged and made useless for the purpose of deriving income; and


the person would be entitled for the income year to a deduction under section DO 12 for expenditure on the improvement if the improvement had not been destroyed or irreparably damaged and made useless; and


the damage occurs in an income year that corresponds to the 2005–06 tax year or a later tax year; and


the damage is caused other than as a result of the action or failure to act of the person, an agent of the person, or an associated person.

Deduction: diminished value of expenditure


The person is allowed a deduction of the amount of the diminished value, for the income year, of the expenditure on the improvement.

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This section overrides the general permission and the capital limitation. The other general limitations still apply.

Defined in this Act: business, capital limitation, deduction, diminished value, general limitation, general permission, income, income year, tax year

Compare: 2004 No 35 s DO 7