Electoral Finance Act 2007

  • repealed
17 Grounds on which listing must be refused
  • (1) The Electoral Commission must refuse an application by a promoter to be listed as a third party if—

    • (a) the application does not comply with section 15; or

    • (b) in the case of an application to which section 15(4) applies, the declaration given under that subsection is incorrect; or

    • (c) the Electoral Commission is not satisfied, on the basis of the application, that the applicant is eligible to be listed as a third party; or

    • (d) the name of the promoter is—

      • (i) offensive; or

      • (ii) likely to cause confusion with the name of a candidate or a party; or

      • (iii) likely to mislead members of the public.

    (2) Unless section 16 or subsection (1) applies, the Electoral Commission must list the promoter as a third party.