Electoral Finance Act 2007

  • repealed
106 Return of party's election expenses
  • (1) Within 50 working days after the day on which the declaration required by section 193(5) of the Electoral Act 1993 is made, a party's financial agent must file with the Electoral Commission a return setting out the party's election expenses.

    (2) Every return filed under subsection (1) must be—

    • (a) in the form required by the Electoral Commission and include a statutory declaration made by the financial agent and the party secretary, each declaring that, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief,—

      • (i) the return correctly sets out all the information required to be provided; and

      • (ii) a fair assessment has been made of the commercial value of any materials and advertising spaces used in party advertisements; and

    • (b) accompanied by an auditor's report obtained under section 107.