Electoral Finance Act 2007

  • repealed
119 Apportionment of election expense for third party activity undertaken both before and within regulated period
  • (1) This section applies where a third party activity as described in paragraphs (a) and (b) of the definition of that term in section 113 is—

    • (a) undertaken both before and within the regulated period; or

    • (b) undertaken before the regulated period and continues to be undertaken within the regulated period.

    (2) Where this section applies,—

    • (a) the third party activity is deemed to have been undertaken in the regulated period; but

    • (b) the election expense of the third party activity must be apportioned so that a fair proportion of the expense is attributed to being incurred within the regulated period.

    (3) Only the fair proportion of the election expense determined in accordance with subsection (2) is an election expense.