Electoral Finance Act 2007

  • repealed
124 Procedure if claim disputed
  • (1) If a financial agent, in the case of a claim for an election expense sent to the third party's financial agent within the period specified by section 123(1), disputes the claim, or fails to pay the claim within the period of 40 working days specified in section 123(2), then—

    • (a) the claim is to be treated as a disputed claim; and

    • (b) the claimant may, if he or she thinks fit, within 20 working days after the expiration of that period of 40 working days, bring an action for the disputed claim in any court of competent jurisdiction.

    (2) Any sum paid by the financial agent in accordance with a judgment or order of the court in any such action is to be treated as paid within the time specified by section 123(2).