Tariff Amendment Act (No 2) 2008


Tariff Amendment Act (No 2) 2008

Public Act2008 No 62
Date of assent9 September 2008
Commencementsee section 2

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title
  • This Act is the Tariff Amendment Act (No 2) 2008.

2 Commencement
3 Principal Act amended
4 Schedule 1 amended
  • (1) Schedule 1 is amended by repealing note 2 and substituting the note specified in Schedule 1 of this Act.

    (2) Part 1 of Schedule 1 is amended by revoking Tariff items 2207.20.01, 2207.20.11, 2207.20.21, 2207.20.29, 2207.20.31, 2207.20.39, 2710.19.05, 2710.19.09, 2710.19.11, 2710.19.21, 2710.19.29, 2710.19.63, 2710.19.65, 2710.19.67, 2710.19.69, 2710.19.71, 2710.19.73, 2710.19.75, 2710.19.79, 2710.19.81, and 3824.90.90, and substituting the Tariff items, rates of duty, and statistical keys specified in Schedule 2 of this Act.

Schedule 1
New note 2 in Schedule 1 of Tariff Act 1988 substituted

s 4(1)

2. Terms, Abbreviations, and Symbols
   The following terms, abbreviations, and symbols have the meaning shown opposite them.
ACalternating currentkVArkilovolt ampere reactive
BDUbone dry unitkWkilowatt
cgcentigraml allitre of alcohol contained in a mixture
C1number of cellsl mslitre of motor spirit contained in a mixture
cm2square centimetrem2square metre
cm3cubic centimetrem3cubic metre
cccubic centimetremgmilligram
°Cdegrees Celsiusmlmillilitre
DCdirect currentmmmillimetre
g.v.w.gross vehicle weightNo.number
HBxhundred boxespknumber of packs
hnknumber of hanksprpair
kcalkilocalorieSWGstandard wire gauge
KTCkilo tobacco contentVvolt
kVAkilovolt amperex degrees
   Or such higher rate of duty as the Minister may in any case decide.
    ¨The use of this sign in the Preferential Tariff duty column indicates that the duties payable under the Normal Tariff apply.
   A number without any qualification in either the Normal Tariff or Preferential Tariff duty columns signifies that an ad valorem duty applies at the percentage rate indicated by the number.
   A month and year, eg, 7/2009, shown against a duty rate indicates that as from the first day of that month the corresponding rate of duty applies.
   The rate of duty of Free, appearing by itself in the Preferential Tariff duty column, means that the goods (being the produce or manufacture of Australia, Canada, LDC, LLDC, Pac countries, Singapore, Thailand, or TPA countries) are entered free of duty.

Schedule  2
Amendments to Part 1 of Schedule 1 of Tariff Act 1988

s 4(2)


Legislative history

2 September 2008Divided from Biofuel Bill (Bill 148–2) by committee of the whole House
2 September 2008Third reading
9 September 2008Royal assent

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Economic Development.