Electoral Amendment Act 2009

11 New section 226 substituted
  • Section 226 is repealed and the following section substituted:

    226 Time limit for prosecutions
    • (1) A prosecution under any of the following provisions must be commenced within 6 months of the date on which the return was required to be filed:

      • (a) section 205N(1):

      • (b) section 206N(1):

      • (c) section 209B(1):

      • (d) section 210D(1).

      (2) A prosecution against any person for a corrupt practice or an illegal practice must be commenced—

      • (a) within 6 months of the date on which the prosecutor is satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to warrant the commencement of the proceedings; but

      • (b) not later than 3 years after the corrupt practice or illegal practice was committed.

      Compare: 1993 No 87 s 226 (pre-20 December 2007); 2007 No 111 s 140.