Reasons for decisions

27 Reasons for decisions must be given if visa or entry permission refused to certain persons


Except as otherwise provided in this Act, where a person who applied for a visa or entry permission onshore or in an immigration control area so requests, an immigration officer (or, where the decision is the Minister’s, the Minister) must give the reasons for any decision to—


refuse to grant a visa to the person; or


refuse to grant to the person a visa of a particular type; or


refuse to grant entry permission to the person.


The reasons must—


be given in writing; and


contain the information required under section 23 of the Official Information Act 1982 as if the reasons were given in response to a request to which that section applies.


Subsection (1) is subject to section 40(3)(e) and (f).

Compare: 1987 No 74 s 36