Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010

  • expired
  • Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010: expired, on 4 December 2014, by section 9(2).

Reprint as at 4 December 2014

Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010

Public Act2010 No 123
Date of assent22 November 2010
Commencementsee section 2
  • Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010: expired, on 4 December 2014, by section 9(2).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.


1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose and overview

4 Interpretation

Limitations to application of this Act and certain other Acts

5 Limits to application of this Act

6 Limits to application of Building Act 2004

7 Application for status as major maritime event in relation to certain ancillary events

8 Act binds the Crown

9 Expiry

Part 2
Establishment of Rugby World Cup Authority

Authority to be established

10 Establishment of Authority

11 Functions of Authority

12 Powers of Authority

13 Membership of Authority

14 Chairperson to appoint panels to determine proceedings

15 Dissolution of Authority

16 Further provisions applying to Authority

Administrative secretariat

17 Administrative secretariat to support Authority

18 Deposit to be paid to administrative secretariat

Part 3
Approvals and declarations

Subpart 1Applications to Authority

19 Applications for approvals, declarations, and changes to conditions

20 Applications relating to test events

21 Method of making application

22 Information to be supplied with applications for approvals and declarations

23 Information to be supplied with applications for test approvals or declarations

Overlapping applications

24 Procedure in event of overlapping applications to both statutory person or body and Authority for same activity

Subpart 2Jurisdiction, public notification, and making of submissions

Preliminary question of jurisdiction

25 Preliminary consideration of applications

26 Preliminary consideration of applications relating to tournament venues

27 Notice of preliminary decision

Notification of applications

28 Authority must give public notice of applications

29 Contents of public notice

Standing to make submissions

30 Submissions

31 Determination of affected person status

Subpart 3Hearing and determination of applications


32 Persons with right to be heard

33 Commencement of any hearing

Determination of applications

34 Determination of applications for approvals

35 Determination of applications for declarations

36 Determination of whether adverse effects are more than minor

37 Notice of determination

Subpart 4Further provisions applying to approvals and declarations

38 Commencement of approvals and declarations

39 Expiry of approvals and declarations

40 Effect of approvals and declarations by Authority under this subpart

41 Continuing effect of approvals after expiry

Subpart 5Enforcement

42 Monitoring and enforcement under this Part

Enforcement by interim injunctive orders

43 Applications for interim injunctive orders

44 Making of interim injunctive orders

45 Procedure in relation to interim injunctive orders

46 Effect and duration of interim injunctive orders

Offences and penalties

47 Offences and penalties

Subpart 6Appeal rights

Right of appeal on question of law only

48 Appeals

Part 4
Procedures available in circumstances of urgency




49 Purpose of this Part [Expired]

Subpart 1Declarations of status as Rugby World Cup permitted activity and grant of urgent approvals




50 Applications for recommendation of Authority [Expired]

Declaration of status as Rugby World Cup permitted activity


51 Matters relevant to determination of application [Expired]

52 Power to declare Rugby World Cup permitted activities [Expired]

53 Contents of regulations [Expired]

Grant of urgent approvals


54 Recommendation of Authority [Expired]

55 Granting of urgent approvals [Expired]

Subpart 2Miscellaneous provisions


Effect of regulations


56 Effect of declaration made by Order in Council [Expired]

Effect of urgent approval


57 Effect of urgent approval granted by Minister [Expired]

Monitoring, enforcement, and appeal rights


58 Monitoring, enforcement, and appeals [Expired]

Offences and penalties


59 Offences and penalties [Expired]

Part 5
Rugby World Cup liquor licences


Subpart 1Preliminary matters


60 Purpose [Expired]

61 Interpretation [Expired]

Subpart 2Rugby World Cup liquor licensing scheme


Purpose and scope


62 Purpose and scope of Rugby World Cup liquor licence [Expired]

Applications for Rugby World Cup liquor licences


63 Who may apply for and hold Rugby World Cup liquor licence [Expired]

64 Applications for Rugby World Cup liquor licences [Expired]

65 Applications under this Part and Part 3 for same activity or approval [Expired]

66 Applications relating to specified geographic locations [Expired]

67 Reports to Authority [Expired]



68 Public notice of applications [Expired]

Matters relevant to determining applications


69 Matters relevant to objections and determinations [Expired]

Who may object


70 Objections

Decisions on applications


71 Grant of unopposed applications without hearing [Expired]

72 Hearing in case of opposed licence [Expired]

73 Right to appear and be heard [Expired]

74 Decision on papers [Expired]

75 Decision if hearing held [Expired]

Licences issued


76 Issue of licence [Expired]

Subpart 3Conditions of Rugby World Cup liquor licences


77 Conditions applying to all licences [Expired]

78 Other conditions of licences [Expired]

79 Licences under this Part not to affect limitations under Gambling Act 2003 [Expired]

Subpart 4Management


80 Responsibility for management and compliance [Expired]

81 Further application of Sale of Liquor Act 1989 [Expired]

Subpart 5Enforcement, offences, penalties, and appeal rights




82 Powers of inspectors and constables in relation to licensed premises or areas [Expired]

83 Variation, suspension, or cancellation of licence [Expired]

84 Suspension or cancellation of licence without notice [Expired]

85 Suspension of licence for public health or fire precaution requirements [Expired]

Enforcement of manager's certificate


86 Suspension or cancellation of manager's certificate [Expired]

Offences and penalties


87 Offence of licensee in respect of manager [Expired]

88 Offences by licensee or manager [Expired]

89 Offences by persons other than licensee or manager [Expired]

90 Matters of evidence [Expired]

91 Other provisions applying to offences and penalties under this Part [Expired]

Amendment to Sale of Liquor Act 1989


92 Amendment to Sale of Liquor Act 1989 [Expired]

Infringement offences


93 Infringement offences under this Part [Expired]

Right of appeal on questions of law only


94 Appeal [Expired]

Part 6


95 Regulations


96 Service of notices and documents

Consequential amendment

97 Amendment to Official Information Act 1982

Schedule 1
Further provisions applying to Authority

Schedule 2
Further provisions relating to appeal procedure

Reprint notes

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: