Electoral Referendum Act 2010

  • repealed
  • Electoral Referendum Act 2010: repealed, on 11 June 2012 (being on the close of the day that is 6 months after the date on which the result of the referendum was declared), by section 5(1).
24 Procedural matters
  • (1) The provisions listed in subsection (2) apply to a referendum petition as if it were an election petition, to the extent that they are relevant and with any necessary modifications.

    (2) The provisions that apply under subsection (1) are—

    • (a) the following sections of Part 8 of the 1993 Act (which relates to election petitions):

      • (i) sections 232 to 234 (which provide for security for costs, the hearing of more than 1 petition, and the making of rules of court for the purposes of petitions); and

      • (iv) section 257 (which requires submission of the High Court's report to the Attorney-General); and