Electoral Referendum Act 2010

  • repealed
  • Electoral Referendum Act 2010: repealed, on 11 June 2012 (being on the close of the day that is 6 months after the date on which the result of the referendum was declared), by section 5(1).
39 Apportionment of promoter's referendum expenses for publication of referendum advertisement both before and during the regulated period
  • (1) This section applies if a referendum advertisement—

    • (a) is published both before the commencement of the regulated period and during the regulated period; or

    • (b) is published before the commencement of the regulated period and continues to be published during the regulated period.

    (2) If this section applies,—

    • (a) the referendum advertisement is deemed to have been published during the regulated period; and

    • (b) the referendum expenses for the publication of the referendum advertisement must be apportioned so that only a fair proportion of those expenses is attributed to the referendum advertising carried on during the regulated period.

    (3) Only the referendum expenses attributed to the regulated period in accordance with subsection (2) are expenses for the purposes of sections 36(b) and 37.