Smoke-free Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Amendment Act 2011

8  New section 3A inserted
  • The following section is inserted after section 3:

    3A Purposes of this Act
    • (1) The purposes of this Act are, in general, as follows:

      • (a) to reduce the exposure of people who do not themselves smoke to any detrimental effect on their health caused by smoking by others; and

      • (b) to regulate and control the marketing, advertising, and promotion of tobacco products, whether directly or through the sponsoring of other products, services, or events; and

      • (c) to monitor and regulate the presence of harmful constituents in tobacco products and tobacco smoke; and

      • (d) to establish a Health Sponsorship Council.

      (2) Subsection (1) does not limit or affect the particular purposes, stated in sections 4 and 21, of Parts 1 and 2.