Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2011

60 Amendments to Referenda (Postal Voting) Act 2000


This section amends the Referenda (Postal Voting) Act 2000.


The definition of Chief Registrar in section 3(1) is repealed.


Section 3(1) is amended by inserting the following definition in its appropriate alphabetical order:

Electoral Commission means the Electoral Commission established by section 4B of the Electoral Act 1993


The definition of roll identifier number in section 3(1) is amended by omitting “Chief Registrar” and substituting “Electoral Commission”.


Section 10 is repealed and the following section substituted:

10 Electoral Commission


The Electoral Commission is charged with the duty of implementing Part 4 (which relates to rolls of electors).


For the purposes of implementing Part 4, the Electoral Commission may provide such computer and other services, and such facilities, as the Electoral Commission thinks necessary.

Compare: 1997 No 13 s 9


The heading to section 11 is amended by omitting Chief Registrar and substituting Electoral Commission.


Section 11(2) and (3) are repealed and the following subsections substituted:


A delegation under this section must be made in writing, and the document must be signed by the maker of the delegation.


Section 73 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 (alone, or in conjunction with section 9 of the Electoral Act 1993) enables the Electoral Commission to delegate all or any of its functions or powers under this Act that relate to registration of electors.


The following provisions are amended by omitting “Chief Registrar” and substituting in each case “Electoral Commission”:


Section 26(1) and (5) are amended by omitting “Chief Registrar” in each place where it appears and substituting in each case “Electoral Commission”.