Resource Management Amendment Act (No 2) 2011

Resource Management Amendment Act (No 2) 2011

Public Act2011 No 70
Date of assent12 September 2011
Commencementsee section 2


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

4 Interpretation

5 Section 12A repealed

6 Section 12B repealed

7 Functions of Minister of Conservation

8 New section 28B inserted

9 Functions of regional councils under this Act

10 Consideration of alternatives, benefits, and costs

11 Transfer of powers

12 Local authority policy on discounting administrative charges

13 Power of waiver and extension of time limits

14 Persons who may be given hearing authority

15 Preparation and change of coastal plans

16 Content of regional plans

17 New section 68A inserted

18 When rules in proposed plans and changes have legal effect

19 Class of activities

20 Environment Court determines application

21 Making an application

22 New section 88F inserted

23 Consideration of applications

24 Heading above section 107E repealed

25 Section 107E repealed

26 New section 107F inserted

27 Notification

28 When resource consent commences

29 New section 116A inserted

30 Duration of consent

31 New section 123A inserted

32 Exercise of resource consent while applying for new consent

33 Lapsing of consents

34 Change or cancellation of consent condition on application by consent holder

35 Circumstances when consent conditions can be reviewed

36 Decisions on review of consent conditions

37 Matter lodged with EPA

38 EPA to recommend course of action to Minister

39 Minister makes direction after EPA recommendation

40 EPA must give public notice of Minister's direction

41 EPA to receive further submissions if matter is request, change, or variation

42 Limitation on withdrawal of change or variation

43 Process if matter is request for regional plan or change and particular circumstances apply

44 Board to produce final report

45 Process if section 149M applies or proposed plan or change not yet prepared

46 Public notice and submissions where EPA receives proposed plan or change from local authority under section 149N

47 Consideration of matter by board

48 Heading to Part 7A amended

49 New subpart 1 of Part 7A substituted

Regional coastal plan provisions relating to occupation of common marine and coastal area

Ministerial approval of use of method of allocating authorisations


Ministerial powers in relation to applications for coastal permits to undertake aquaculture activities in common marine and coastal area

Ministerial power to direct applications for coastal permits to undertake aquaculture activities in common marine and coastal area to be processed and heard together

Processing and hearing together of applications for coastal permits

50 Subpart 2 of Part 7A repealed

51 Application

52 New section 165ZH substituted

53 Applications for space already used for aquaculture activities

54 Additional criteria for considering applications for permits for space already used for aquaculture activities

55 New subpart 4 of Part 7A inserted

56 Right of objection to consent authority against certain decisions or requirements

57 New sections 360A to 360C inserted

58 Existing notices, bylaws, etc, to become regional coastal plans

59 Transitional coastal plan occupation charges

60 Schedule 1 amended

61 Schedule 1A repealed

Amendments to regional coastal plans

62 Amendments to proposed Tasman regional coastal plan

63 Amendments to Waikato regional coastal plan

Schedule 1
Amendments to Tasman regional coastal plan

Schedule 2
Amendments to Waikato regional coastal plan

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: