17 Content of charge


A charge must relate to a single offence.


A charge that is worded in the alternative must be identified as such.


A representative charge must be identified as such.


A charge must contain sufficient particulars to fully and fairly inform the defendant of the substance of the offence that it is alleged that the defendant has committed.


Without limiting subsection (4), the particulars provided under that subsection must include—


a reference to a provision of an enactment creating the offence that it is alleged that the defendant has committed; and


if the charge is a representative charge, the information specified in subsection (6).


The information referred to in subsection (5)(b) is as follows:


particulars of the offences of which the charge is representative, including, without limitation, when values, amounts, or quantities are relevant, particulars of the minimum values, amounts, or quantities that the prosecution must establish in order for the charge to be proved; and


the dates on or between which the offending is alleged to have occurred.


Subsection (1) is subject to sections 19 and 20.

Compare: 1957 No 87 s 16; 1961 No 43 ss 330, 340, 343