31 Revision powers


The Chief Parliamentary Counsel must prepare revision Bills in accordance with the current revision programme and this section.


A revision Bill may—


revise the whole or part of 1 or more Acts, and for that purpose combine or divide Acts or parts of Acts:


adopt a Title that is different from the Title or Titles of the Acts or parts of Acts revised:


omit redundant and spent provisions:


renumber and rearrange provisions from the Acts or parts of Acts revised:


make changes in language, format, and punctuation to achieve a clear, consistent, gender-neutral, and modern style of expression, to achieve consistency with current drafting style and format, and generally to express better the spirit and meaning of the law:


include new or additional purpose provisions, outline or overview provisions, examples, diagrams, graphics, flowcharts, readers’ notes, lists of defined terms, and other similar devices to aid accessibility and readability:


include new or additional provisions alerting users of the revision to enactments that are not incorporated in the revision but are relevant to the subject matter of the revision:


correct typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors, and other similar errors:


make minor amendments to clarify Parliament’s intent, or reconcile inconsistencies between provisions:


update any monetary amount (other than an amount specified for the purpose of jurisdiction or an offence or penalty), having regard to movements in the Consumers Price Index over the relevant period, or provide for the amount to be prescribed by Order in Council:


omit forms and schedules from the Acts or parts of Acts revised, and instead authorise the matters in those forms and schedules to be prescribed by or under regulations:


make consequential amendments to enactments that are not incorporated, or are incorporated only in part, in the revision:


include any necessary repeals, savings, and transitional provisions.


A revision Bill must not change the effect of the law, except as authorised by subsection (2)(i) or (j).


To avoid doubt, the changes that may be made in a revision Bill include (without limitation) any of the changes that may be made in a reprint under subpart 2.