189 Composition of licensing committees


Each licensing committee consists of 3 members appointed by the territorial authority for that territorial authority’s district.


A territorial authority must appoint 1 member as the chairperson and that person must be a member of that territorial authority or a commissioner appointed to the licensing committee.


A territorial authority may appoint a member of that territorial authority to be deputy chairperson, and act in place of the chairperson if the chairperson is unable to act because of illness or absence from New Zealand, or for other sufficient reason.


While acting in place of the chairperson, the deputy chairperson is a member of the committee and has all the powers and duties of the chairperson.


No act done by the deputy chairperson serving as acting chairperson in the chairperson’s absence, and no acts done by the committee while the deputy chairperson is so serving, can in any proceedings be questioned on the ground that the occasion for his or her so serving had not arisen or had ceased.


The other 2 members of each licensing committee must be appointed from the territorial authority’s list maintained under section 192.


For the purposes of subsection (2), a member of a territorial authority means an elected member of a territorial authority and, in relation to the Auckland Council, includes a member of the governing body (as defined in section 4 of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009) or a member of a local board established under section 10 of that Act.