349 Poll may be held on competition proposal


In respect of a licensing trust to which this section applies, a poll of residential electors in the trust district may be held on a competition proposal.


For the purposes of this section, competition proposal means a proposal that—


the trust give up its present exclusive right to hold on-licences for hotels and taverns, and off-licences for any premises other than certain club premises and premises on which wine is sold or any kind of alcohol is made, within the trust district; and


in return for giving up that right, gain the right to carry on any business outside as well as within the district.


Subject to subsection (5), a poll must be held on a competition proposal if—


the licensing trust so resolves; or


at least 15% of the residential electors in the trust district so request in writing.


The poll must be conducted in accordance with regulations made under this Act.


If the competition proposal is not carried, no further poll must be held under this section in respect of that licensing trust until a period of 3 years has expired.

Compare: 1989 No 63 s 215