78 Territorial authorities must produce draft policy


A territorial authority that wishes to have a local alcohol policy must produce a draft policy.


When producing a draft policy, a territorial authority must have regard to—


the objectives and policies of its district plan; and


the number of licences of each kind held for premises in its district, and the location and opening hours of each of the premises; and


any areas in which bylaws prohibiting alcohol in public places are in force; and


the demography of the district’s residents; and


the demography of people who visit the district as tourists or holidaymakers; and


the overall health indicators of the district’s residents; and


the nature and severity of the alcohol-related problems arising in the district.


For the purposes of subsection (2), a district’s residents include people who have holiday homes there.


The authority must not produce a draft policy without having consulted the Police, inspectors, and Medical Officers of Health, each of whom must, if asked by the authority to do so, make reasonable efforts to give the authority any information they hold relating to any of the matters stated in subsection (2)(c) to (g).