Privacy Amendment Act 2013

6 Functions of Commissioner
  • Section 13 is amended by inserting the following subsections after subsection (1):

    • (1AA) Without limiting subsection (1), the functions of the Commissioner in relation to information sharing under Part 9A are—

      • (a) to make submissions on an information sharing agreement for which approval by Order in Council under section 96J is being sought:

      • (b) to report to a relevant Minister, under section 96P(1), on any matter relating to privacy that arises or is likely to arise in respect of an approved information sharing agreement and on any other matter specified in that section:

      • (c) to publish a copy of a report referred to in paragraph (b) in accordance with section 96P(3):

      • (d) to receive and investigate complaints about any alleged interference with privacy under an approved information sharing agreement in accordance with Part 8:

      • (e) if appropriate under the circumstances, to exempt an agency, under section 96R, from the requirement to give notice of adverse action under section 96Q or to reduce the period of notice required under that section:

      • (f) to conduct a review under section 96W on the operation of an approved information sharing agreement:

      • (g) to report to a relevant Minister under section 96X on the findings of a review conducted under section 96W:

      • (h) to require a public sector agency to report, in accordance with section 96S, on the operation of each approved information sharing agreement for which it is the lead agency.

    • (1AB) In subsection (1AA), adverse action, approved information sharing agreement, information sharing agreement, lead agency, and relevant Minister have the meanings given to them by section 96C.