Education Amendment Act 2013

Expulsion and exclusion of students and attendance at school

7 Section 16 amended (Secretary's powers when excluded student younger than 16)
  • (1) After section 16(1)(b), insert:

    • (ba) arrange for and, if necessary, direct the sponsor of a partnership school kura hourua to enrol the student at the partnership school kura hourua; or.

    (2) After section 16(2), insert:

    • (2A) The Secretary may not give a direction under subsection (1)(ba) unless—

      • (a) the student's parents agree to the direction; and

      • (b) the Secretary has made all reasonable attempts to consult the student, the sponsor, and any other person or organisation that, in the opinion of the Secretary, may be interested in, or be able to advise on or help with, the student's education or welfare.

    (3) After section 16(4), insert:

    • (5) A sponsor must comply with a direction under subsection (1)(ba), and the direction overrides any enrolment process the partnership school kura hourua may have in place.