Education Amendment Act 2013

10 Section 31 amended (Ensuring attendance of students)
  • (1) After section 31(1), insert:

    • (1A) A sponsor of a partnership school kura hourua may appoint any person to be an attendance officer for the school.

    (2) In section 31(2), after boards, insert or sponsors, or a board and a sponsor jointly.

    (3) After section 31(3), insert:

    • (3A) Every sponsor must, by any means the sponsor thinks appropriate, take all reasonable steps to ensure the attendance of students enrolled at its school.

    (4) In section 31(7),—

    • (a) after officer,, insert a sponsor,; and

    • (b) after board, insert , a sponsor,.

    (5) After section 31(8), insert:

    • (8A) A certificate signed on behalf of a sponsor showing that a person named in it is appointed for any purpose under this section is sufficient evidence of the matters specified in the certificate; and the authenticity or authority of any signature on behalf of a sponsor may not in any proceedings under this Part of this Act be inquired into or disputed.

    (6) After section 31(9), insert:

    • (10) This section applies to an affected student (within the meaning of section 25(8)) only in relation to the time period (or periods) each day during which his or her timetable is running.