Education Amendment Act 2013

Multiple timetable arrangements

15 New section 65DA inserted (Multiple timetable arrangements)
  • After section 65D, insert:

    65DA Multiple timetable arrangements
    • (1) The Minister may authorise a board to run a multiple timetable arrangement for a specified period at a specified school if—

      • (a) the Minister is satisfied that the board has adequately consulted parents, staff, and the local community about the proposed multiple timetable arrangement; and

      • (b) the Minister considers that the proposed multiple timetable arrangement is appropriate in the circumstances.

      (2) An authorisation under subsection (1) must be given either unconditionally or subject to any conditions that the Minister considers appropriate.

      (3) A board must take all reasonable steps to notify every affected student and his or her parents in writing of—

      • (a) a multiple timetable arrangement authorised under subsection (1); and

      • (b) the time periods for each day during which the affected student's timetable will run.

      (4) In this section, affected student and multiple timetable arrangement have the meanings given by section 25(8).