Bail Amendment Act 2013

  • A correction has been made to section 41 under section 25(1()(j)(i) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Bail Amendment Act 2013

Public Act2013 No 66
Date of assent3 September 2013
Commencementsee section 2


1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

4 Section 3 amended (Interpretation)

5 Section 7 amended (Rules as to granting bail)

6 Section 8 amended (Consideration of just cause for continued detention)

7 New section 9A inserted (Restriction on bail if defendant charged with murder)

8 Section 10 amended (Restriction on bail if defendant with previous conviction for specified offence charged with further specified offence)

9 Section 15 amended (Granting of bail to defendant under 20 years of age)

10 Section 16 replaced (Bail allowable for drug dealing offence only by order of Judge)

11 Section 17 repealed (Bail for drug dealing offence may be continued or renewed by District Court)

12 New section 17A inserted (Restriction on bail if defendant charged with serious Class A drug offence)

13 Sections 21 and 22 replaced

14 Section 24 replaced (Failure to answer Police bail)

15 Section 25 repealed (Effect on bond of attendance or non-attendance of person bailed by constable)

16 Section 26 replaced (Breach of condition of Police bail)

17 Section 28 amended (Warrant for detention of defendant remanded on bail)

18 Section 30 amended (Conditions of bail)

19 New sections 30A to 30R and cross-heading inserted

20 Section 31 amended (Release of defendant granted bail)

21 Section 32 repealed (Warrant of deliverance)

22 Section 33 amended (Variation of conditions of bail imposed by District Court)

23 Section 34 amended (Variation of conditions of bail imposed by High Court)

24 New section 34A inserted (Surrender of defendant on bail with EM condition)

25 Section 35 amended (Defendant on bail may be arrested without warrant in certain circumstances)

26 Section 36 amended (Arrest of defendant charged with drug dealing offence)

27 New section 36A inserted (Offence to refuse authorised person entry to EM address)

28 Section 37 amended (Issue of warrant to arrest defendant absconding or breaching bail condition or who fails to answer bail)

29 Section 39 amended (Non-performance of condition of bail may be certified and recorded)

30 Section 43 amended (Execution of decision of District Court on appeal relating to bail)

31 Section 46 amended (Execution of decision of High Court on appeal relating to bail)

32 Section 48 amended (Procedure relating to appeal under section 47)

33 Section 49 amended (Execution of decision of Court of Appeal on appeal relating to bail)

34 Section 50 amended (Execution of decision of Supreme Court on appeal relating to bail)

35 Section 51 amended (Appeal against entry by Justice or Community Magistrate of non-performance of condition of bail in court record)

36 Section 52 amended (Appeal against entry by District Court Judge or High Court Judge of non-performance of condition of bail in court record)

37 New section 52A and cross-heading inserted

38 Section 54 amended (Granting of bail to appellant in custody pending appeal to High Court)

39 Section 59 amended (Surrender of appellant released on bail)

40 New section 73A inserted (Authentication of documents)

Part 2
Amendments to other Acts

41 Amendments to Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989

42 Amendments to Sentencing Act 2002

43 Amendments to District Courts Act 1947

44 Amendments to District Courts Amendment Act 2011

45 Amendments to Summary Proceedings Act 1957

46 Bail Rules 2000

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: