Telecommunications Amendment Act 2013

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Telecommunications Amendment Act 2013

Public Act2013 No 136
Date of assent4 December 2013
Commencementsee section 2

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title
  • This Act is the Telecommunications Amendment Act 2013.

2 Commencement
  • This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 Principal Act
4 Section 69E amended (Requirements for sharing arrangements)
  • In section 69E(1)(d), replace and customer information with information or customer confidential information.

5 Section 69P amended (Register of non-retail users)
  • In section 69P(5), replace within 15 working days of receiving the application with within 15 working days of public notice of the application.

6 Section 155B amended (Interpretation)
  • In section 155B, definition of owner, paragraph (b), replace Unit Titles Act 1972 with Unit Titles Act 2010.

Legislative history

19 November 2013Divided from Statutes Amendment Bill (Bill 89–2) by committee of the whole House, third reading
4 December 2013Royal assent

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.