Electoral Amendment Act 2014

34 Section 207C amended (Contributors to be identified)
  • Replace section 207C(2) and (3) with:

    • (2) If this section applies to a donation, the donor must, at the time of making the donation, disclose—

      • (a) the fact that the donation is funded from contributions; and

      • (b) the following information about any contribution that, either on its own or when aggregated with other contributions made by or on behalf of the same contributor to the donation, exceeds $1,500 in sum or value:

        • (i) the name of the contributor; and

        • (ii) the address of the contributor; and

        • (iii) whether the contributor is an overseas person within the meaning of section 207K; and

        • (iv) the amount of the contribution or, in the case of aggregated contributions, the total amount of the aggregated contributions; and

      • (c) the total of all of the amounts disclosed under paragraph (b)(iv) in relation to the donation; and

      • (d) the total of all of the other contributions made in relation to the donation.