Victims' Orders Against Violent Offenders Act 2014

Sharing of information about non-contact orders

30 Amendment to Privacy Act 1993


This section amends the Privacy Act 1993.


In Schedule 5, under the heading “Police records”, insert after the item relating to restraining orders:

Non-contact ordersDetails of non-contact orders made under the Victims’ Orders Against Violent Offenders Act 2014

Department of Corrections (access is limited to obtaining information about any offender who is subject to a non-contact order while also subject to—


a full-time custodial sentence (including while released on parole or subject to an extended supervision order made under section 107I of the Parole Act 2002 or to conditions imposed under section 93 of the Sentencing Act 2002); or


a sentence of intensive supervision, community detention, community work, or supervision; or


a non-association order; or


a sentence of home detention (including while subject to post-detention conditions).

Access is for the purpose of managing the offender’s sentence and any post-sentence conditions in a manner consistent with any non-contact order.)