Education Amendment Act 2015

9 Section 176 replaced (Casual vacancies)

Replace section 176 with:

176 Casual vacancies


If the office of a member of the council of an institution becomes vacant before the end of the member’s term of office,—


another person must be appointed to the office by the procedure by which the member became a member; but


if the procedure is no longer available (or no longer applicable to the vacant position), the council must consider whether it is necessary to appoint another person under its constitution and, if so,—


determine the appropriate procedure for appointment of another person; and


appoint another person using it.


If the office becomes vacant within 3 months before the end of the member’s term of office, the Minister or council (as the case may be) may decide that the vacancy does not need to be filled under this section.


Sections 173 and 174 apply to an appointment under this section.