Human Rights Amendment Act 2016

7 Membership of Commission

Section 8 is amended by repealing subsection (1) and substituting the following subsections:


The Commission consists of the following Human Rights Commissioners:


the Chief Commissioner; and


not less than 3 and not more than 4 other Commissioners.


There must be a Commissioner, other than the Chief Commissioner, appointed to lead the work of the Commission in each of the following priority areas:


disability rights (the Disability Rights Commissioner):


equal employment opportunities (including pay equity) (the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner):


race relations (the Race Relations Commissioner).


A Commissioner must lead the work of the Commission in any other priority area that is designated by the Chief Commissioner, and the Chief Commissioner may designate an area of work as a priority area only in accordance with the strategic direction and the general nature of activities determined by the Commission under section 7(1) and after consultation with the Minister and the other Commissioners.