Electoral Amendment Act 2017

9 Section 38 amended (Notice of proposed boundaries and classification)


In section 38(2), replace “shall include the office of each Registrar of Electors” with “must include the offices of the Electoral Commission”.


Replace section 38(4) with:


If any objections are received under subsection (1)(b), the Commission must publish,—


on an Internet site administered by the Electoral Commission,—


the objections received; and


an explanation of the process and deadline for making counter-objections; and


in the Gazette, a notice—


stating the address of the Internet site on which the objections and the counter-objection process are published; and


stating the last date on which the Commission will receive any written counter-objections to any of those objections (which must not be less than 2 weeks after the date of publication of the notice in the Gazette).


The Electoral Commission must facilitate the publication required under subsection (4)(a).