Electoral Amendment Act 2017

30 Section 89C amended (Elector must give notice of change of place of residence to different electoral district)


Replace section 89C(2) with:


The elector must, within 2 months after the date on which he or she changed his or her place of residence, give notice of—


the change in his or her place of residence; and


the date on which the change occurred; and


the address of the new place of residence.


Replace section 89C(3)(b) and (c) with:


in writing to the Electoral Commission in a form that the Electoral Commission has approved; or


by applying, under section 83, to the Electoral Commission for registration as an elector.


Replace section 89C(5) to (13) with:


For the purposes of section 89(1), an elector who gives notice under subsection (2) (by any method specified in subsection (3)) is an applicant for registration as an elector.