Electoral Amendment Act 2017

31 Section 89D amended (Inquiry to be made to update electoral rolls)


In section 89D(1),—


replace “Every Registrar” with “The Electoral Commission”; and


replace “the district” with “a district”.


In section 89D(2)(b), replace “directed” with “determined”.


In section 89D(3), replace “every Registrar of a district that is, in part or in whole, within the local government area of a local authority” with “the Electoral Commission”.


In section 89D(3)(a), replace “that district” with “a district”.


In section 89D(3)(b), replace “that local government area” with “a particular local government area”.


Replace section 89D(5) with:


An inquiry made under subsection (1)—




contain the particulars on the roll for the elector to whom it is addressed; or


contain information about how the elector can access his or her particulars electronically; and


must require the elector, if any of those particulars have changed or are incorrect, to notify the Electoral Commission by—


sending the corrected particulars to the Electoral Commission in a form that the Electoral Commission has approved; or


using an approved electronic medium to make any change or correction required to the particulars.


In section 89D(7), replace “a Registrar of Electors” with “the Electoral Commission”.