Electoral Amendment Act 2017

37 Section 95A amended (Notice of elector’s objection)


In section 95A(1),—


replace “Registrar shall” with “Electoral Commission must”; and


replace “shall include” with “must include”.


In section 95A(3), replace “Registrar under subsection (1) shall” with “Electoral Commission under subsection (1) must”.


In section 95A(3)(a) to (c), replace “Registrar” with “Electoral Commission” in each place.


Replace section 95A(4) with:


If, after making the inquiries it thinks fit, the Electoral Commission is unable to serve the notice of objection on a person personally after making at least 2 attempts, the Electoral Commission must—


remove the name of the person from the roll; and


include the name in the dormant roll maintained under section 109.